Here you will find all the most important information about the members of our wiki administration, please read it carefully to know everything about the wiki administration.

What does the wiki administration do? Edit

The wiki administration members make sure that all the community is growing in the right way, that all the edits are made under the wiki standards and also that all the members are having a good behavior and they are editing and talking in a sane and safe environment for them, these are some of the basic functions of all the wiki administration members:

  • Patrol the wiki daily to make sure that all the edits are right and appropriate.
  • Welcome new users who join to the wiki as well as guide them in all the wiki content.
  • Make sure that all the wiki edits and created articles follow the wiki standards and respect all the wiki rules.
  • Make sure that the users are having a good behavior in the chat, the messages walls, the talk pages or the comments of the articles.
  • Make sure that the wiki has a good presentation for all the new users and everything is working fine.
  • Help other users with hard edits, especially related with complex codes or templates.
  • Hear and consider the community opinions to changes policies, standards or other important things of the wiki.

Chat moderators Edit

Chat moderators are users who can ban or kick people from the chat in order to keep the chat ambience as good as possible and avoid all the possible chat rules violations and other disturbing users in the chat. Chat moderators are chosen by the wiki administrators usually after see that they create a good environment in the chat, they respect the rules and they can stay in the chat a considerable time to watch over it. These are some of the basic functions of a chat moderator:

  • Keep a good chat ambiance.
  • Watch over the chat a few hours per day when it is possible for him.
  • Ban and kick users who are violating the rules even after being warned.

Administrators Edit

The administrators are the most important user group in the wiki after bureaucrats, they have access to all the wiki functions that a regular FANDOM user can control, they have to patrol the wiki daily to make sure that the community is growing in the best and most comfortable possible way, they are also the main contact of the wiki and everyone who wants useful information about the wiki, help or something related should contact them. These are the basic functions of the administrators:

  • Edit protected pages (Usually important pages of the wiki like the rules page).
  • Protect pages from editing or rename if there are problems around them.
  • Edit Mediawiki pages to modify some wiki features and designs.
  • Block problematic registered and anonymous users when they are behaving bad or are making problematic and vandalic edits.
  • Have the same permissions as the chat moderators.
  • Revert problematic edits from an user with just a click and deleting them from the Wiki Activity.
  • Patrol all the edits to make sure that they follow the wiki standards and follow the wiki rules.
  • Delete files, pages, videos, blogs and comments when they aren't necessary or breaks the wiki rules.
  • Welcome the new users manually as well as with the automatic welcome tool.
  • Modify the main design of the wiki using the Theme Designer.
  • Give chat moderator permissions.

For a full list of the administrators permissions please look the respective special page.

They are the current administrators in the wiki, contact them if you need their help:


Bureaucrats Edit

Bureaucrats are the definitive leaders of the wiki, all of them have the same permissions as the administrators but also can give administrator, chat moderator and bureaucrat rights to other users, they take the most important wiki decisions and there should be always one active bureaucrat in the community.

They are the current bureaucrats in the wiki, contact them if you need their help:


Bots Edit

Bots are user accounts created to make quick, repetitive and exhaustive edits in the wiki, these accounts should have their own bot flag which needs to be given by a staff or FANDOM helper with a previous community poll and bureaucrat approval. These are some of their most important functions:

  • Change categories with wrong spelling or other mistakes.
  • Update characters names or other important information in tons of articles.
  • Change mistakes in the articles like wrongly spelled words.
  • Delete unused files.
  • Add templates in tons of articles.
  • Make chat logs if the community requires it.
  • Fix double and broken redirects.

If you need help from an active bot please go to the Bot Tasks page to ask for help to a bot owner.

How to join to the administration team? Edit

Please visit our page about User Rights Request to see what do you need to make part of the administration.