ABUniverse logo

ABUniverse logo

ABUniverse is a diaper manufacturer created by Casey Strom and Michael Lewis in Canada around 8 years ago. They're an exclusive AB/DL diapers manufacturer which means that their products are exclusively focused for these communities and they aren't designed for medical problems as other adult diapers. They have a small team composed by the owners, some persons dedicated to the shipping and business things and also other ones for design things. As part of their piolicy and values there are:

  • The AB/DL communities comes first.
  • Our shipping will be logical & discreet.
  • Our team is 100% AB/DL

They also explain that part of their vision is help other to understand that infantilism is pretty common, emotionally healthy and also 100% safe [1].


Their line of products includes several types and styles of diapers with 4 and 2 tapes, apart of some mixed packages, T-shirts with community designs, diapersuits and also the possibility to add customized design for the diapers or ask for samples of them:

4 tape diapers

The 4 tape diapers collection includes:

2 tape diapers