Delta-Form is a cloth-backed adult diaper created by Abena.


This diaper comes in four sizes.

Size Waist Size
Small (S1) 24 - 34 in 
Medium (M2) 28 - 40 in  
Large (L2) 39 - 60 in 
Extra-Large (XL2) 43 - 67 in 


DELTA-FORM Breathable Briefs are designed for comfort without sacrificing quality. The back sheet of these incontinence diapers has a cloth-like feel to improve your comfort, and is even waterproof! Additional comfort comes from the breathable side panels that allow air to move through the briefs to prevent skin problems and further enhance comfort.

This attention to comfort does not compromise the functionality of this underwear. The design of these briefs features superabsorbent polymers. These polymers excel at locking the urine away along with its odors. This maintains a pleasant environment for you. In addition, the stand up leak guards give you ease of mind as they prevent any leakage from the simple act of standing up. There is also a wetness indicator so you can keep an eye on when you actually need a change. Do not worry about checking on the wetness indicator because Delta-Form Briefs use refastenable tape, so you can adjust the fit and check on yourself, without needing to get a new diaper.[1]

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