Maximum Protection is a Cloth-backed adult Pull-Up created by Proctor And Gamble.


This product comes in three sizes:

Size Waist Size
Small/Medium 28 - 40 in
Large 38 - 50 in
Extra Large 48 - 64 in


Goodbye bulky adult diapers, and hello ALWAYS DISCREET incontinence underwear! ALWAYS DISCREET absorbent underwear feature a smooth, comfortable underwear-like fit with 360° FormFit™ elastics, a RapidDry™ core that turns liquid to gel, Double LeakGuards™ to help stop leaks at the legs, and OdorLock™ technology that helps neutralize odors. With ALWAYS DISCREET incontinence underwear your overactive bladder can feel like no big deal.[1]

Where To Buy

Most grocery stores, pharmacies, big box stores and their associated websites