The Bambino Bellissimo is a plastic-backed adult diaper made by Bambino Diapers. It was first introduced in October 2011 and a contest was held to determine the name of the diaper.

History Edit

In October 2011, Bambino announced that they would be releasing a new higher-quality diaper. The new diaper did not have a name and a contest was held to determine the name. The winner of the contest would win 6 free cases of the new diapers. [1]

In November 2011, Bambino announced the winning name in their contest, Bellissimo. The second place name was "Tenero" and the third place name was "Fantastico". [2]

In November 2012, the second generation Bellissimo was released. This second generation made a few tweaks like increasing the width of the medium diaper and adhesiveness of the tapes. [3]

Sizing Edit

The Bellissimo comes in three sizes: medium, large, and extra large.

Size Waist Size
Medium 32 - 44 in
Large 44 - 58 in
Extra Large 59 - 64 in

References Edit


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