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Bambino Diapers is a company that produces adult diapers mainly dedicated for AB and DL communities, their diapers have some special features for these communities and also includes some services like discret mail packages for those who don't want to have troubles with the mail at home, some of their products were designed according to the opinions and suggestions of their clients, they also distribute other famous adult diapers brands in their website. The company has more of 38 years of experience in the adults diaper business and back in 2006 they started their website to show all their diapers lines.


Bambino Diapers has a line of original diapers and boosters but they also sell a number of other companies' products on their website.

Original Products

Other Products Current Being Sold

  • Molicare Super Plus
  • Rearz Safari
  • Abri-Form Comfort
  • Abri-Form Premium
  • Abri-Flex Protective Underwear
  • Tena Slip Maxi
  • TotalDry Boost Ups
  • TotalDry Plus Protection Briefs
  • TotalDry X-Plus Briefs

Discontinued Products

  • Active Ultra Briefs