The DC Amor is an adult diaper made by Diaper Connoisseur. It is currently in its third generation as of May 2016. The diaper, apart from a curious pink style includes some cute designs of baby cats.

History Edit

The DC Amor had sold out of its second generation of diapers in late March 2016 and announcements were made for a third generation to be released in May 2016.

The third generation was released in May 2016 with a newly added small size as well as these changes[1]:

  • Reinforced 40 mm 3M tabs.
  • Softer, higher quality and very durable 40 g outer PE plastic.
  • Less compression, providing a nice thick soft core.
  • Refinements to prints giving higher quality graphics and rich color.
  • Single tape per side on small size diapers.

Sizing Edit

The DC Amor diapers come in three sizes:

Size Waist
Small 21 - 31 in
Medium 30 - 40 in
Large 38 - 48 in

Where To Buy Edit

References Edit


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