The DC Idyl is a plastic-backed adult diaper made by Diaper Connoisseur. It was a created as a male counterpart to the DC Amor diaper.

History Edit

In November 2015, the DC Idyl was first announced.

In December 2015, the diaper became available for purchase on the Diaper Connoisseur website.

Sizing Edit

There is no official sizing listed on the website, but these diapers are most likely sized the same as the DC Amors. [1]

Differences From DC Amor Diapers Edit

  • Bottom tapes positioned slightly lower, further apart from the top ones, to allow a better fit on a male frame
  • Increased absorbency in the frontal area
  • Wider 3M tapes for a better hold
  • Matching blue printed bags

References Edit

  1. See sizes of the DC Amor

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