The Depend Real Fit is an adult diaper in the Depend line that focuses on looking and feeling as much like regular underwear as possible. The product is available in two models, the Depend Real-Fit Standard Underwear for Women and the Depend Real-Fit Plus Underwear for Women [1], the last one is a bit more absorbent than the first one. It is the male counterpart to the female Depend Silhouette.

Sizing Edit

The Depend Real Fit comes in three sizes: Small/Medium, Large and Extra-Large.

Size Waist Weight
S/M 70-102 cm (28-40 in) 52-86 kg (115-190 lb)
L 97-127 cm (38-50 in) 77-117 kg (170-258 lb)
XL 122-162 cm (48-64 in) 91-136 kg (200-300 lb)

References Edit


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