This is the 2nd AB/DL Flag and is most common in European country's.

The original AB/DL Pride Flag was created back in the 1990's


Many non-vanilla-sexuality communities have for a long time had the ability to display their belonging and pride of who they are with flags and symbols.There are numerous other flags out there, but a symbol for the ABDL (Adult Baby / Diaper Lover) community has been lacking for a long time. Therefore, this flag has been created:

The flag


The meaning of the flag

The purpose of the flag is to display pride over and sympathy with the AB/DL community. It can be used as an ordinary flag, being sewn onto clothes, made in pin-form to be worn at the coat collar or just decorate the living room wall. Feel free to display it publically.

It is designed to somewhat resemble of the common symbol of the AB/DL community - diapers - in a tasteful and not too obvious way. It mostly consists of white and light colours, an obvious choice since those are the most associated with diapers.

Versions / description

If the original looks boring or dull, variations of the flag are totally OK, as long as the basic properties of the flag are preserved (like the white diaper-resembling area to the left and the overall feel of the flag). Here are some examples of variations:

Abdlflag big 3
Abdlflag big 2
Abdlflag big 4

Creation and usage

The final version of the flag was created in July 2005 by David ( The flag is NOT copyrighted and can be used freely for displaying ABDL Pride in line with the spirit and interest of the ABDL community. That is, feel free to print it on coffee cups, include it in web pages, decorate your neighbourhood.