The Lavender is an adult diaper created by ABUniverse to replace the previous sissy diaper. It has lavender scent built into the diaper, though there is an unscented version as well.

Sizing Edit

The Lavender diaper comes in three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large.

Size Waist-Size
Medium 31-36 in
Large 36-46 in
Extra-Large 46-52 in

History Edit

The predecessor to the Lavender diaper was the Sissy Diaper, introduced in 2013. The Sissy Diaper was discontinued in 2016, to be replaced by the Lavender Diaper.

The Lavender diaper was first announced in mid-February of 2016 [1] and became available for purchase on May 15, 2016 [2].

References Edit


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