Scene Extender (S.Ex) was a plastic-backed adult diaper created by Snuggies.


This diaper came in two sizes: 

Size Waist-Size
Medium 28-36 in
Large 36-48 in


It was called Scene Extender because it was designed with the idea that a Dominant/Submissive scene could be extended due to the submissive not having to worry about needing to use the bathroom or the diaper leaking. Use as a Dom on your Sub. Put them in a diaper for long term bondage, casting, sleep sacks or whatever your imagination can come up with. When S.Ex is involved you can always count on a long eventful and enjoyable time.

In late September 2015, Snuggies officially changed their name to Tykables and also discontinued production of their current products.[1] 

Where To Buy

This diaper was discontinued and can no longer be purchased except through third parties