Tena Slip Plus is is a cloth-backed adult diaper which promises the skin skin to breathe and includes special absorbency technologies to prevent leakage and allow a faster absorbency. This diaper is almost completely white coloured except for few blue details. The absorbency and tightness is considerable minor to the Tena Slip Maxi [1], then it brings more discretion for those people who needs or wants them.

Sizing Edit

This diaper comes in five sizes, one more than the common Tena diapers:

Size Waist Size
Extra Small 19 - 29 in (49 - 74 cm)
Small 22 - 33 in (56 - 85 cm)
Medium 29 - 48 in (73 - 122 cm)
Large 36 - 57 in (92 - 144 cm)
Extra Large 36 - 57 in (92 - 144 cm)

References Edit


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