• BlueKraid

    One day Oscar was in his crib, he was wearing Bambinos diaper with blue tapes and printed with Winnie the Pooh characters. He was sucking a shiny blue pacifier. Suddenly his teddy bear Teddy sniffed him with his big shiny wet black nose. Oscar blushed as Teddy sniffed him. Oscar had enough so he squeezed Teddy's nose, it squeaked like a toy, he giggled and squeezed it again.

    "Ow!" Teddy whined as he rubbed his sore nose, Oscar giggled. Teddy grinned and picked up Oscar and sniffed his diaper, he blushed and wet it slightly. Teddy then hugged Oscar, Oscar relaxed and sucked his pacifier while wriggling his padded behind, it crinkled as he fidgeted. Suddenly Oscar's stomach gurgled and he winced as he made a mess in his diaper with a wet spla…

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