Hi there awesome visitors of AB/DL wiki. I take this ooportunity to say that I'm the new adoptive bureaucrat of this community and I will try my best to improve it every day with tons of things.

One of the things this wiki needs so bad is a templates fixing. That's why I want to make a voting on this blog to ask for the Fandom staff to flag NannyBot with its bot tag, mainly because we'll need to do massive changes in the articles, because some templates parameters should be changed and we have more than 50 articles that will need those changes. That's why, in order to avoid flooding the Wiki Activity, we should have this bot. You can see her profile or her contributions on My Little Diapers wiki if you want to see her work.

Please use our new template {{Vote}} to add your vote in the comments. You should write {{Vote|Agree}} if you agree with having a bot on the wiki or {{Vote|Disagree}} if you disagree. You can add more information about your opinion after the template, but please add the template at the beginning or your message. I'll send this voting to the Fandom staff after one week. Thank you much for help the wiki with this and I hope we can do great things.

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